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  • Bespoke Shop Counters and Joinery

    At SWSF we pride ourselves on being able to supply exactly what our customers want, even if it is bespoke.  We have posted a previous blog showing some of the bespoke shop counters available from one of our joinery specialists.  As this has proven so popular and an inspiration to many of our customers we are pleased to showcase some shop counters and other joinery products such as greetings card displays and slatwall gondolas from our other supplier.  If you see something that you like, that maybe needs some modification to suit your shop, let us know and we will get a quote for you.  If you require a shop counter fast then we can supply from our standard shop counter range.

    Large Wooden Storage Cupboard Large Wooden Storage Cupboard

    Old Style Cigarette Gantry Old Style Cigarette Gantry with Storage Cupboard

    Very Large Double Sided Greetings Card Display Unit with Storage Drawers Very Large Double Sided Greetings Card Display Unit with Storage Drawers


    Greetings Card Display Unit Greetings Card Display Unit

    Gondola Greetings Card Display Unit with Slatwall End Panels Gondola Greetings Card Display Unit with Slatwall End Panels

    Lockable Wine and Spirits Display Cabinet with Roller Door Lockable Wine and Spirits Display Cabinet with Roller Door

    L Shaped Counter With Built In Glass Display Cabinet. L Shaped Counter With Built In Glass Display Cabinet.

    Wooden Corner Display Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors Wooden Corner Display Cabinet with Sliding Glass Doors

    Glass Fronted and Sides Display Case Glass Fronted and Sides Display Case

    External Corner Display Counter External Corner Display Counter

    Small Round Ended Counter for Department Store Small Round Ended Counter for Department Store

    Front View of Round Ended Counter / Cash and Wrap Counter Front View of Round Ended Counter / Cash and Wrap Counter

    Curved Reception Desk for Clubs and Hotels Curved Reception Desk for Clubs and Hotels

    Curved Counter or Reception Desk front View Curved Counter or Reception Desk front View

    Combined Till Stand and Display Counter Combined Till Stand and Display Counter

    Combined Till Stand and Display Counter Different View Combined Till Stand and Display Counter Different View

    Bespoke Display Stand Bespoke Display Stand

    Round Ended Convenience Store Counter with Two Serving Wells Round Ended Convenience Store Counter with Two Serving Wells

    Bespoke Shop Counter with Slatwall Displays and Confectionery Shelves. Bespoke Shop Counter with Slatwall Displays and Confectionery Shelves.

    Small Checkout Counter with Slatwall Display Small Checkout Counter with Slatwall Display

    Large Bespoke Trade Counter Large Bespoke Trade Counter

    Curved-Reception-Desk Curved Reception Desk / Counter

    Curved-Reception-Desk-With-Display-Cabinet Curved Counter with Built in Glass Display Case

    Curved-Counter-Rear-View L Shaped Curved Corner Counter Rear

    Curved-Counter-Front-View L Shaped Counter Front View

    Convenience-Store-Counter-with-Resin-Worktop Convenience Store Counter with Twin Well and Display Shelves - Resin Worktop

    Bespoke-Convenience-Store-Counter-with-Twin-Wells-and-Confectionery-Shelves Bespoke Convenience Store Counter with Resin Worktop

    Bespoke-Shop-Counter Shop Counter with Rear Storage

    Bespoke-Glass-Fronted-Display-Cabinet Bespoke Display Cases with Glass Doors

    Bespoke-Electronics-and-Gifts-Display-Counter Bespoke Display Counter Ideal for Gifts and Electronics Shops

    Shop-Counter-Front Bespoke Shop Counter with Shelves and Slatwall Display

    Shop-Counter-with-Glass-Display-Cabinet-Built-In Shop Counter with Basket Well and Built In Display Cabinet

    If you are Interested in our previous bespoke shop Counters post you can find it here.


  • SWSF New Website Launched

    South West Shopfittings have launched a new website providing small and medium retailers with the largest range of shop shelving and shopfittings available online.




    Neil played for Cornwall Youth from the age of 15.  He then went on to gain 26 caps for the Cornwall senior team, winning 19 of those matches. He played in the Youth England Championship at Lakeside when he was 17. He is very active in many local events and has won 13 local competitions in Plymouth, Cornwall and Exeter. Additionally, he has won the Plymouth city social 3 times and the Qbar Bodmin 4 times.

    He has recently started playing on the BDO pro tour circuit (thanks to the sponsorship of SWSF) and is gaining valuable experience for the future. He finds it very helpful to meet some of the professional darts stars who are always happy to pass on some words of wisdom.

    Neil has  qualified for the England World Masters Qualifiers twice. (The second time being just last week) For the last 2 years he has been a semi finalist at the Plymouth Open which on both occasions had over 100 entries.


    Neil is transferring to the Devon county team next season and is looking to gain more valuable experience both locally and nationally.

    His goal? To be at the lakeside world championships within 5 years. Good Luck, Neil, we are your biggest fans!

    South West Shopfittings is based in Cornwall and is one of the country’s leading suppliers of shop shelving and retail equipment.


    Twenty years ago, whilst living in Aberdeen, I visited my local jeweller to get a new watch battery fitted. I received a very friendly welcome. When I asked advice about the watch bracelet being slightly too big for my wrist, the jeweller removed a link with no charge for this service. This took only a couple of minutes but I appreciated it tremendously. I went back there repeatedly for the next 20 years to buy jewellery, gifts and for any watch repairs that I needed. I also recommended him to absolutely everybody that I knew. This is an example of how offering great customer service is invaluable to help increase sales for the small retailer.

    My local chemist in the village where I live now is another case in point. He offers a gift wrap service for free, lengthy and helpful consultations with the pharmacist, free delivery of prescriptions to the elderly and he and his staff always recommend own brand products when applicable to save the customer money. The result? A thriving and busy local business which is loved by all.


    We all remember good service and it has a huge knock-on effect on sales.This is why it is so important for all shops to give great customer service. This will encourage returning customers, build trust and loyalty and inevitably increase sales. Good staff training is also essential, the retailer must be confident that all staff will offer the same consistent level of good customer service.

    10 Tips for Great Customer Service

    1. Smile and have good manners, address customers  in an age appropriate manner
    2. Display good product knowledge
    3. Don’t say “I don’t know”, say “I will find out”
    4. Listen carefully, anticipate needs
    5. Take customer to product when asked, rather than just giving directions
    6. Offer a freebie, whether it be a small item or service, it will be remembered
    7. Acknowledge people waiting to be served, call someone to help to ease queues
    8. Don’t judge a book by its cover, every customer deserves the same level of respect
    9. Stay visible and available but don’t breathe down customers’ necks
    10. Remember that you exist only because of your customers

    At South West Shopfittings we pride ourselves on our customer service, we try to give the level of service that we would like to receive ourselves. Large or small, every order counts to us. We are always happy to give advice and when it comes to price, quality and availability, we believe that we are second to none.


    Slatwall hooks are particularly suited to the uniform display of items such as fashion merchandise, clothing, car accessories or gifts. Slat hooks are designed for use with slatboard backed shelving units, which can come in the form of wall units, gondola (double sided) or promo (end) bays.


    The simple 45 degree single hook is the most common choice for ease of use. The end of the hook sits at a 45 degree angle to the prong.


    Slathook single 90 degree

    Should there be any issue of security concerns the 90 degree single hook makes it harder to slip the products off. This makes it more difficult for the shoplifter to remove items easily.


    Slatwall hooks euro (looped)

    The euro (looped) slathooks have the advantage of being able to use a swinging price label or tag to attach on the end. This means that the price for each product can be displayed on the hook itself.



    Single prong peghook for perforated back panel

    Hanging shop display on pegboard hooks is the smart choice for many retail products. Bagged items, hand tools, angling accessories, hardware, kitchen utensils and health and beauty products, to name but a few.

    The SWSF peghooks come in a bright zinc finish and are available in the following types:

    • Single prong
    • Euro (looped)
    • Direct entry

    Pegboard hook – looped (euro)

    All of our pegboard accessories are designed for use with metal perforated peg panels which have 25mm hole spacing.

    Epos pricing flaps can be attached to both the looped hooks and the direct entry hooks with overarm.


    Direct entry pegboard hook

    Whether it is for a pound shop or a supermarket, pharmacy or discount store, it is advised that sections of the shop shelving are backed with perforated back panels for pegboard hook display. It is possible to have shop shelving bays with only pegbacks and base shelves. Shop shelving units can be customised to include sections of peg back panels along with plain backs and shelves on the same bay. This enables a wide selection of different products to be displayed on the same unit.

    If a shop is small, a pegboard display stand on a shallow base could be the ideal solution for displaying more products. If space is no issue, a deep base shelf can be used for bulky products with hanging space above. Different lengths of pegboard hooks can be selected to suit the size of products to be displayed.


    Internal corners are used to join two runs of retail wall shelving together to form one continuous run of shelving.  This can be extended further to include a third run to form a continuous U shaped run of wall shelving.  The most common type of internal corner shelving is the 90 degree internal corner shop shelving unit (pictured below) which requires a clear corner area.


    These internal corner units should be selected with the same size of base and upper shelves as the adjoining units. This enables the run to be continuous. The back panels used on these corner shelving units are 665mm wide. We would advise allowing a gap of at least 750 – 800mm to ensure that there is adequate space.

    To assemble the corner bays, we suggest putting up the two 665 joined bays first, then inserting the shelf brackets. Next, bend the entire unit into the right angled shape necessary for the corner shelves to be fitted. It is vital that the base feet adjusters are used to ensure that this unit is standing absolutely level. Watch the video on the useful information website page to see how to do this.

    Although the basic corner shop shelving bay is shown on this website, it is possible to create corner units with perforated peg panels or with slat panels. Give us a call on 01752 829467 to discuss your requirements. We also carry a stock of 45  degree internal corners which can be used when there is not a clear corner space available (such as if there are pipes running up the wall). External corners which connect around 270 degrees are also available.


    Deciding on the shop shelving and shop fittings to best suit the layout of a garden centre has unique challenges due to the changing nature of the products sold throughout the year.

    As the seasons change so the type of products that are sold changes dramatically.  For example, not many lawn mowers are sold in November nor garden furniture in September.  In Springtime,  an attractive display of plant food or bug killer might be the best use of display area. Alternatively,  a large display of Christmas decorations is a more profitable option from October to December.  To further complicate issues, certain gardening products such as plant ties or small tools are often best displayed hanging on either pegboard or slatwall hooks. Others such as fertiliser or boxed products are better suited to being displayed on shop shelving.


    Shop Shelving for a Garden Centre.

    The extreme seasonality of garden centres added to the diverse range of products sold means that it is vital to make the retail shelving units as adaptable as possible to be able to cover all future needs. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Firstly, if the majority of shop shelving units are the same size (e.g. 1250mm length) then shelves can be interchangable throughout the shop, allowing a different number of upper shelves to be put onto units depending on the size of products to be stocked. Also, it is a good idea to put peg or slat backs on all units as well as shelves. When shelves are removed then hanging display areas are instantly created.

    Obviously the size of shop shelving units required varies depending not only on the available space but on the size of the products to be displayed. SWSF offers a wide range of sizes ranging from extra shallow shelves (250mm) right up to extra deep (670mm). This ensures that the smallest pack of rooting powder to the largest bag of compost can be suitably displayed. Hooks for hanging products are also available in a huge and varied array of sizes and types.

    It is advisable to create a blank canvas on which to best show off the products, and so it is best to stick with neutral coloured shelving for this reason. Any store or brand colours can be easily created by altering the epos colour without detracting from the attractive array of products for sale. For added visual impact either plain or light up canopies can be added.

    With a bit of smart retailing and some brand new shopfittings and shop shelving you can ensure that your garden centre is a delight to shop in all year round!


    New tobacco regulations come into force in the UK from 6th April 2015. This means that all cigarette gantries will require the fitting of sliding doors or screens. SWSF have teamed up with one of our UK counter manufacturers to offer a cost effective replacement cigarette gantry. This tobacco gantry is designed to fit on any 50 pitch shop shelving, specifically 1 m x 370 mm shop shelves.  Other sizes of cigarette gantry are available on request, so if you have a different size requirement that is no problem, just contact SWSF on 01752 829467.

    Each cigarette gantry comes with adjustable shelves with acrylic risers along the front. The sliding doors have a soft/self closing mechanism which means the doors should not be left open, in breach of the new rules.

    Standard finishes are cream or white, but a wide range of finishes are available to suit your shop theme or colours. Standard units are competitively priced at only £495 + vat including delivery to most UK addresses. Each cigarette gantry unit is made to order in approximately 2 weeks. As the deadline for the new rules approaches demand is sure to be high lengthening lead times, so why not order now and get ahead of the game? Unfortunately retailers will potentially face large fines if they fail to comply with these new regulations.

    Manufactured in 18 mm board and 2 mm ABS plastic edges, with a nominal size of 1000 mm (w) x 1200 mm (h) x 350 mm (d). The soft close / self close doors make this cigarette gantry convenient for the shop assistant.  Although the soft close doors do not guarantee the doors will be fully closed, after each use, it does reduce the risk of leaving them wide open considerably.

    Additional options are now available for the cigarette gantry:

    Size 1500 (W) x 1200 (H)   £595+ vat

    Acrylic Shelf dividers additional £100 + vat

    Lock to doors £15 + vat


    You are now able to see our SWSF supermarket shelving on your tv screens. The shelving is featuring in two newly filmed television series. Cucumber, written by Russell T Davies (Channel 4) and Last Tango in Halifax (BBC). Our shelving is currently in the television studio on the set of a fictional supermarket. Not only will there be some lovely footage of our supermarket shelving but it also features our fruit and veg units with mirror canopies. We are hopeful that it may have reached such a level of fame by the end of the filming process that it may also be asked to take part in the next I’m a Celebrity get Me Out of Here!

    SWSF-shop-shelving-in-cucumbers SWSF-Shop-Shelving swsf-shop-equipment-on-tv shop-shelving-on-tv shop-shelving-gondola gondola-shelving-for-TV-series-cucumbers-SWSF fruit-and-veg-gondola-in-cucumbers-tv-series cucumbers-supermarket

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