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Second Hand Shop Shelving in our WarehouseSWSF often have a stock of good quality used and secondhand shop shelving and shop fittings. A typical price for our second hand shop shelving is £75 - £85 for each wall shelving bay and £100 - £120 for a gondola shop shelving bay. For used and second hand shop shelving, accessories such as pegboard, corner shelving units and magazine racking units are very rare.

With our cheap prices for brand new SWSF store shelving many customers are now finding that the difference in price between second hand shelving and new shop shelving is much less than expected. If we dont have what you are looking for available in secondhand shop shelving then we are sure to have it available in new at a budget price.

SWSF shop racking is a 50 pitch shelf system and is compatible with other 50mm pitch systems.