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Shelving Assembly Instructions

To download a PDF version of these assembly instructions please click here.

Step 1

connect base leg into shelving upright

Insert base legs into uprights to make L shape for wall shelving or T shape for gondola shelving. To insert the base legs, locate the two upper lugs into the upright and rotate downwards to locate the lower lug, use a rubber mallet to tap the base leg into position.

Step 2

join the shelving uprights by inserting the back panels between them

Hold two uprights the appropriate distance apart and insert a back panel into both uprights. The back panel should locate into the inside slot of each upright. The shelving should be levelled at this point using the adjustable feet.

Step 3

Insert the Plinth into the slots at front of base feet

Attach the kick panel to the base feet using the slots in a similar fashion to the back panel.

Step 4

Position Base shelf onto base feet

Place base shelf onto base legs and then complete adding the back panels. If small back panels are used, put these on first.

Step 5

Finished basic shelving unit ready for upper shelves

Once all the backpanels are fitted, you are ready to add the shelves.

Step 6

Insert shop shelf brackets into the uprights

The brackets should be positioned in the H slot of the upright and should be located in the inside slot (the back panel and bracket for the next shelving bay will use the other slot). The 3 hook brackets can be horizontal or tilted upwards or downwards as required.

Step 7

Add all shelf brackets and shelves

Repeat step 6 with the required number of brackets and then lower the correct size shelf onto the brackets.

Step 8

Add any shelving accessories such as risers, dividers and epos strips

Finally add any shelf ticket strips, risers and dividers.

To download a PDF version of these assembly instructions please click here.