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Shop shelving brackets Zoom

Shop Shelving Brackets

Shop shelving brackets (or arms) for use with SWSF shop shelves.
Select the correct size to match the shelves, each shelf takes two brackets except for corner shelves that require three.
For heavy loads the 3 hook shelving brackets should be selected (where applicable).
The brackets are adjustable, enabling the shelves to either sit level or be tilted.
If tilting the shelves, it is advisable to add shelf risers along the front to hold products securely.
SWSF shop shelving brackets are compatible with all 50 pitch shelving systems.
Available in RAL9001 (cream) or RAL9006 (silver).

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Product Description


    Shop shelving brackets for use with SWSF shelves.
Product Specifications


    Available in RAL9001 (cream) or RAL9006 (silver).

    Selected sizes available with 3 hooks for added strength.


    • 250mm
    • 300mm
    • 370mm
    • 470mm
    • 570mm
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