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Corner Shelving

Corner shelving units are a great way to make your shop shelving flow around the shop walls in a continuous run. There are 3 basic types of corner shelving:

  • Internal Corner Shelving 90 degree - most popular internal corner for unobstructed corners
  • Internal Corner Shelving 45/90 degree - this cuts across the corner, used when there are obstructions in the corner
  • External corner shelving - Use to join wall shelving around an external corner

Combining the different corner bays with standard wall bays can create custom shelving displays, for example connecting alternating wall bays and external corner bays around a large pillar for a continuous shelving run all the way round.

Allow the following distances as the ABSOLUTE minimum for corner bays, internal corner shelving 90 degree bay 750mm, internal corner shelving 45/90 degree bay 770mm, external corner shelving allow 65mm between the back of one wall bay upright and the side of the adjoining wall bay upright.  We recommend that you allow slightly more than the measurements given above to ensure they will fit, as walls and floors are rarely 100% straight or flat.