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Internal Corner Shelving 90 Degree

The 90 degree internal corner shelving bay can be joined to wall shelving bays to create a neat corner display. Each internal corner shelving bay comes complete with one upright and base leg. The corner unit depth should be matched to that of the wall shelving bays it is to be joined to. For a standalone corner bay, two finishers, which consist of one upright and one base leg are required. Allow up to 800 mm for internal corner units when planning your shop to be sure you have room as not all walls and floors are level. The actual internal corner shelving bay size is 750 mm centre to centre. The internal corner 90 degree shelving is the most popular type of corner shelving unit, it is often used to make U shaped wall shelving runs using 3 runs of wall shelving and 2 corners. If designing a U shaped shelving run you will need 3 finishers (end of run legs) in total for the run.