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Wall Upright Units

A convenient, competitive and versatile alternative to conventional pegboard and slatwall displays.  Utilising three sided wall uprights screw fixed directly to a wall, a panelled display can be created without the need for carpentry skills or handling of bulky sheets of mdf slat board or perforated hardboard.  Small shop shelving shelves can be fitted to the unit like with conventional shop shelving units.

Wall upright displays are an ideal way to cover unsightly walls, while providing a large display area. They are also ideal when space is at a premium such as behind the counter or above freezers.  The back panels can be either plain back panels, pegboard back panels or slatwall back panels.  The U Channel wall uprights are secured directly to the wall.  The fixing to the wall needs to be secure and suitable for the load being applied to the shelving unit.

2400 mm standard height, please call for quotes for other heights or combinations of backpanels.  Fixing screws are not included. 

The starter bays connect to each other to create a run. A finisher, which consists of one 3 sided upright, is required to complete the run.